The AI Powered Influencer Management Platform
Amplify your business revenue through influencer collaboration
Influencer marketing, affiliate programs, creator management, user-generated content, and brand ambassadors: build impactful partnerships to drive business growth.
Influence Discovery
Discover the right influencers for your brand

Not just any creators. The right ones

Use our platform to easily find truly complimentary creators based on category, language, location, content, and performance to fit your brands.

Data driven tracking

Enhance your decision-making by utilizing influencer profiles packed with valuable data. Analyze, refine, and iterate your campaigns to achieve a double-digit return on investment (ROI).
Influencer CRM
One Stop CRM platform for influencer management

Experience the most powerful creator workflow

Manage your influencer campaigns in a snap with a complete, automated, and customized workflow tool. See all creators contacted, hired, and comments in one place.

Easily hire influencers and affiliates

Effortlessly connect with influencers by sending them emails with outreach email templates.Provide influencer contract templates to make your life easier and streamline the hiring process.
Influencer Performance Tracking
Measure influencer & affiliate campaigns

Track sales and ROI automatically

Get precise sales tracking and ROI calculation for any influencer or affiliate campaign.

Aggregate campaign results in a custom dashboard

See all the results of your campaigns in one place: Revenue, ROI, AOV, commissions to be paid to influencers, etc. Build your personalized dashboard and make data-driven decisions.
Product Ads Campaign In Platform
Reach every influencer on the platform and showcase your product ads

Reach all platform influencers with your product ads

By publishing your ads requirement in the platform, all the influencers can view and initiate collaboration.Manage all your campaigns and collaborations with no setup or training.

ChatGPT effortlessly refines your ads

ChatGPT-powered AI helps you to easily publish the ads with product descriptions.
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